Date: Mon, 4 Aug 2008 18:22:46 -0400 From: Robert Edmonds To: dns-operations Subject: [dns-operations] release of ISC SIE cache poisoning attempt detection tool hi, ISC SIE has developed a tool for detecting cache poisoning attempts. it consists of two parts: ncaptool, the part which performs packet gathering, reassembly, and dns filtering; and mod_urstate, a message processing module which

DNS Cache Poisoning and Snooping - Information Security The best test is to test against domains that are probably used by the target domain. Nmap by default tries the top 50 most popular domains, so that might be a good bet. From a command point of view, the map page says that the timed attack can only work once reliably, since it inserts data into the DNS cache. I'd say try with the default settings Effectiveness of Flushing DNS Cache to Prevent DNS Cache Basics of Flushing DNS Cache . Cache poisoning really need involving the cache of server which is part of the domain name system. DNS Cache poisoning is possibly one of the most prominent and dangerous attack on DNS resulting in a DNS resolver caching of invalid or malicious mappings of IP addresses. What is DNS? | IBM

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How to detect DNS spoofing - Quora With dnstraceroute you can verify whether a DNS request is indeed answered by the correct DNS server destination or whether a man-in-the-middle has spoofed/hijacked the DNS reply. I was listening to a Security Now podcast with Steve Gibson and Leo DNS Cache Poisoning and Spoofing - The Windows Club

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Some DNS cache poisoning attacks do use the birthday paradox effect. They send out n requests at the same time along with n spoofed replies. Since the replies are all received at around the same time, you get the n^2 factor increase in success. DNS Cache Poisoning: Testing & Verifying the Patch | Ghost Jul 29, 2008