Mar 25, 2016

How to set up and use Find My Mac – WebSetNet Oct 21, 2016 How do I enable the "Find My Mac" feature in OS X? Enabling Find My Mac. To enable the feature, you have to log into your computer with your newly created (or recovered) Apple ID. Launch System Preferences (Apple logo > System Preferences); Under the third row of icons labelled Internet & Wireless, click on iCloud (it should be located on the left).; Fill in the Apple ID and Password fields, then click Sign In.

How To Enable Location Services On Mac

So, Find my Mac won't turn on unless there is a recovery partition. Remote wipe most likely won't work if the Recovery partition isn't bootable. To enable Find My Mac but disable Remote Wipe, you need to have a recovery partition, and it needs to not successfully boot. Set up Find My on Mac - Apple Support Select Find My Mac, then click Options. If you see a Details button, you need to set up Find My. Turn any of the following on or off: Find My Mac: Turning this option on allows you to locate your Mac if you misplace it, and protect the information on it.

Find my iPhone: How to Use It, Top Features, and How it Works

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