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Jun 26, 2020 How do you change your iTunes account? | AnswersDrive To change the email address you can go to the My Apple ID page: Once there, you will press the “Manage your Apple ID” button in blue and sign in to your account. Then you will re-sign in to the iTunes Store, App Store, and iCloud services with the new email address and same password. Viewing and Changing Your iTunes Store Account Information To see your account information in the iTunes Store: Click the Account button that shows your account name, or click the Account link in the Quick Links panel of the iTunes Store home page. If you haven’t logged in recently, iTunes displays a dialog box for you to enter your account password. Enter the password, and then click View Account. How to change countries in the iTunes and App Store for

Sep 19, 2016 · When the options dialog opens, select the Advanced settings on the right. The current location of your iTunes library shows on the left: you can copy and open that path in Windows Explorer. To pick a new location, click on the Change button, and navigate your computer until you find your destination parent folder.

Change itunes email address before verification. I cannot recover my hotmail password or reset it by my aol email address as i no longer have it? I tried to sign in my hotmail account to many times with the icorrect password? Wrong email address itunes verification.

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