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Windows 2000 Pre-shared IKE Dialup VPN Setup Procedures Dialup VPN Setup Procedures Purpose The purpose of this paper is to help give an explanation on how to set up Windows 2000 for pre-shared IKE VPN. This paper is written for a VPN setup assuming that you have a static IP address on both sides of the tunnel. You must create two tunnels on the Windows 2000 client (Inbound and outbound). W2K VPN through Cayman 3546 - Cayman | DSLReports Forums Mar 06, 2003

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Go to Start / Programs / Administrative Tools / Routing and Remote Access. 2. Right click on the Server name. 3. Select Configure and Enable Routing and Remote Access. 4. At the Setup Wizard, click on the Next button. 5. Select Virtual private network (VPN) server.

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