Browser-Based Parental Controls 1. Go to, click Sign In and log into your Google account. When complete, you should be brought back to the homepage.

May 07, 2018 · YouTube restrictions. YouTube places age restrictions of some videos. While uploaders can rate their own videos, that doesn’t always happen. For you and I, these restrictions make no difference. Nov 14, 2019 · 2nd Trick to Watch Age Restricted Videos on YouTube. If the above method doesn’t work for you. Then there is another method on how to watch age-restricted videos on youtube. If a site embeds an Age-restricted video on his site then you will not require to login to watch this video. It is a small loophole of Youtube’s age restriction method. This is a great question from one of my readers when he emailed me to know how to bypass YouTube age restriction. You all know that, YouTube is the best source of watching videos online. You all know that, YouTube is the best source of watching videos online. Aug 23, 2017 · Learn how to turn off restricted mode on youtube 2017. This video will show you how to disable restricted mode on youtube, some people call it safety mode. However, restricted mode is the youtube age restriction which can be disabled. In this video i will teach you how to remove safety mode on youtube to watch age restricted videos.

To view age-restricted videos on YouTube, you must be signed into your Google account and have indicated on your profile that you are of legal age to view mature content. You can remove age restrictions for YouTube videos by updating your date of birth in your Google Plus profile.

Jun 28, 2015 · Watch Age Restricted Videos Without Google account How to watch age restricted videos on youtube without signing in

May 22, 2018

Option 5: Bypass YouTube Age Restriction using PWN Much like the first option, we can bypass the YouTube Age restrictions by adding a few letters to the start of the URL. The letters PWN prefix the word YouTube in the clips address as shown in the instructions below. Age restriction videos kaise dekhte hai ||Full tutorial in Jul 24, 2020