The face shield was designed by South Korean company mmm design studio. The mask was designed to be used with any transparent packets you have at home. Pak Kitae, one of the founders, told Insider the face shield isn’t in production, but they are sharing the 3D modelling file so it can be printed.

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Expat Shield is a simple VPN software which allows you to access UK TV websites such as BBC iPlayer and ITV when outside of the UK.. Normally, you can't do this because only users accessing these services within the UK are allowed to do so. However, Expat Shield routes your IP address via a UK IP address as if you were still in the UK wherever you are in the world.

The applications that you can find on this list will copleteley replace all functions of Expat Shield for Mac and will enable you to browse the Internet securely while protecting your identity. The pieces of software can also change or hide your IP address and will block anyone who wants to track you. Expat Shield | Facebook Expat Shield is free and covers the costs to run the service by showing advertisements. Some content such as BBC uses a large amounts of bandwidth and server costs. To cover the cost to access such sites, we now require you to get a Hotspot Shield Elite subscription.