Click Firewall at the top, then click the Lock icon in the bottom-left. Enter your administrator password to continue. Click on Turn On Firewall. Click on Firewall Options By default, the Firewall is configured to allow most signed apps (those from Apple and trusted parties), and block unsigned apps.

After entering the command you will be asked to accept incoming network connections for nc by the Application Firewall. To connect to nc listening at port 12345 from remote simply enter nc hostname 12345 on a second host (replace hostname with the host name of the Mac running nc). Adding an Exception to the Mac Firewall Apr 27, 2020 Use Apple Remote Desktop with Macs behind firewalls - Mac

Jun 09, 2020

Apple helps you keep your Mac secure with software updates. The best way to keep your Mac secure is to run the latest software. When new updates are available, macOS sends you a notification — or you can opt in to have updates installed automatically when your Mac is not in use. macOS checks for new updates every day, so it’s easy to always have the latest and safest version. Mac Security Tips: Best Mac Security Settings - Macworld UK

Best Free Firewalls for PC and Mac

May 15, 2017